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Did you know that Suffolk County Council has an estimated £117million of public money (pension funds) invested in environmentally unsound, and financially risky Fossil Fuel companies? Here in Suffolk we pride ourselves on aiming to be the UK's Greenest County, so lets REALLY act like we mean it, and remove public funds from companies that value profit over the sustainability of our planet, investing instead in renewable energy and new homes. Hundreds have already signed our petition to ask Suffolk County Council to rid its pension scheme of fossil-fuel companies. Now we want to launch the petition with a bang, with the screening of an inspirational film "Do the Math" and an afternoon of entertainment. Doors open at 1.15pm and the event starts at 1.30pm featuring live music, DJ's, poetry, storytelling, inspirational speakers, a film screening, and affordable, homemade food and drink. MUSIC Tilly Dalglish - Talented young folk sing singwriter Elly Tree - Ukulele weilding folk musician and poet The Decibel Kid - Curated funky interval playlist POETRY Dan Clark - Stowmartian funny man and Hammer & Tongue Regional Finalist Bards Aloud - Storyteller and founder of the Poetree walks The Lazy Laureate - The UK's leading poetry covers act FILM A screening of 'Do The Math' telling the tale of how an American activist took on the multi-nationals with people power. SPEAKERS Anna Gretton - Young environmental campaigner Jane Basham - Labour candidate and social activist Robert Lindsay - Founder of the Babergh Green Party Leonard Woolf - Suffolk County Council Green Hero award winner 2015 It's Halloween! Bring your friends and family, have fun and sign the petition! POSTS