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SoapBox presents Piers Harrison-Reid, A.N.G. and Leo George.

SoapBox is hosting the launch night of the Woodbridge Youth Poetry Festival, Seckford theatre, at Woodbridge School. We are delighted to present Piers Harrison-Reid, with support from A.N.G and Leo George.


Having moved from Sheffield to grow up on the sleepy side of Suffolk, Piers Harrison-Reid began to write intensely personal performance pieces inspired by the wordplay and flow of hip-hop, and the passion of punk. Channelling these influences through his combined love of Slam and Dub poetry, he tried to define his conflicted feelings about modern humanity and politics.

Luckily, other people felt the same way, and having supported Buddy Wakefield, Scroobius Pip, Dean Atta, and The Dead Poets, and performed at Bestival, Latitude and a multitude of folk and boutique festivals, he has brought his dense narratives to a wider audience than he ever expected. His self-reflective and cathartic poems now tell the stories of life, love and loss of the people he meets in the hospital, whilst intrinsically acknowledging the toll healthcare professionals take. He aims to focus on the raw nuances of humanity, laid bare on what may be the worst and best times of their lives, and to educate about the current state of the NHS, how poorly we are taking care of our loved ones, and those that care for them.

Now best known for his viral love poem to the NHS’s 70th Birthday ‘Love is for the Brave’, which has reached 600000 views and 12,000 shares. He is a weekly guest on BBC Radio Norfolk, completed a successful 10 date music and poetry tour of Scotland and England in 2018 with the Words With Friend’s Collective, and is currently writing his first solo show. In his time away from performing and fixing people he has facilitated poetry sessions in schools and groups, completed a Diploma in Tropical and Infectious Nursing at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, spent time volunteering in healthcare in lower income countries and plays a little American Football.

Mixing melodic rap flows with conscious lyrics, A.N.G is an adaptable wordsmith. Slowing down her favourite 140bpm verses to acapella for universal audiences, she takes you on a journey from being a young women and her experiences.

A.N.G's debut digital release Who Do You Think You Are? IS OUT NOW
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Leo George, by most accounts, is an utterly delightful person and has found entering the world of spoken word to be a joyful experience. They find freedom in creativity and performance poetry has proved to be an excellent vehicle for being loudly queer and autistic. Leo George has self published a pamphlet and a few poetry zines.

Leo’s poetry is about the personal and the political, full of lyrical language with alliterative repetitive sounds in bursts and echoes and slipped into the in-between. Find yourself getting sucked in and hit in the feelings. If you're lucky they might slip in one or two poems about cats to take the edge off. Or they’ll end their set with controversial opinions about peanut butter.

Hosted by Amy Wragg, poet & artist, and founder of getonthesoapbox.