Artist : Jess Kemp

Small town wannabe-wordsmith spilling words on life’s mundanities. Caught the poeting bug working with R1Xtra and The Roundhouse in 2015.

I was on and off stage for most of my pre-teen and teen years, with drama, dancing and very bad singing. I managed my post teen angst, and continue to do so, by cramming note books, full, with a confused cocktails of lyrics, diary entries, monologues, rants and poems. When I discovered spoken word poetry I was overjoyed to find a platform for my babblings. I had the opportunity to debut my work in Birmingham as part of the BBCR1Xtra and Roundhouse collaboration, Words First. Since then I have continued to find excuses not to perform, one being the big fat anxiety hurdle, which ironically, led to the creation of much of my writing. I finally pulled my finger out and organized Out Spoken, a spoken word night at Oakes Barn, Bury St Edmunds. Festivals have always been a massive part of my year, so if given the opportunity to perform at one I may just combust with excitement.