Journal : The Seven Year Itch


Happy New Year!

2013 is already making me quiver with excitement. We celebrate 7 years of SoapBox gigs in 2013 so we are going to get a bit silly. Just like a marriage, on the seventh year the respective partners get itchy feet for pastures new. To mark this momentous (and still rather surprising) landmark we will be digging out the old notebooks and sifting through all the crazy ideas from gigs past, putting them all into the 'To Do' pile.

The list looks a little like this...

1 - A SoapBox Festival (small and perfectly formed) 2 - Gig on a Train (See the film 'Festival Express' for inspiration) 3 - Gig on a Boat 4 - Gig on a Bus 5 - Guerilla & Pop Up Gigs (See 'Sound Of Noise' for inspiration. 6 - Spoken Word Festival Stage (Our event 'Words & Verses' is going on tour to Harlequin Fayre) 7 - SoapBox Zine / Newspaper / Magazine 8 - Release a Record 9 - Release a Vinyl 10 - A gig in every county in the East (Essex & Cambridgeshire we're coming for you) 11 - Collaborate more 12 - Find & Meet every Musician, Poet and Comedian in the East 13 - Go to more gigs around East Anglia 14 - The return of the Sticks & Stones tour. 15 - Mentor new promoters and help tham get started, get in touch if you're interested. 16 - Go to a Festival abroad - Best Kept Secret Festival 2013 - Confirmed 17 - SoapBox Festival Stage at Folk East in Suffolk - Confirmed

More to be added...

This year will be fun!

Huge massive love and thanks to all those who have been a part of this magical SoapBox journey, past, present and future. It would be nothing without you. xx