Journal : Soapbox Poetry Club

Our regular spoken word poetry gig at the John Peel Centre on the last Wednesday of the month

In April 2016 we launched a regular spoken word at the John Peel Centre in Stowmarket, on the last Wednesday of the month. It was set-up to bring the most exciting voices in contemporary poetry to Suffolk every month, in a high quality venue, with two local poets and one musician in support. Suffolk often gets over-looked when artists tour so we wanted to create an event that could bring them to this area. SoapBox has long been excited by spoken word and performance poetry, and it is this artform we celebrate here. The gig always features a diverse range of performers and poems, from the silly to the sublime, and welcomes all ages to the venue. Although we do suggest 14+ and say that there will most certainly be language of an adult nature. 

So far we have had the pleasure of bringing Hollie McNish (April) and Harry Baker (May) to the region and very much look forward to Salena Godden (29th June) who is 'Everything The Daily Mail is afraid of' - Kerrang. In support we have seen poets Dan Clark, Andy Bennett, Leanne Moden and Christine York take the stage, and musicians Tilly Dalglish and Lee Turner play for us. Each support artist is 'locally sourced' and hand picked because we utterly love them and think you will too. Only one musician plays every month and they must have a clear literary connection. There are tons of music nights round here and we wanted to create something that specifically focuses on words. An event where you can hear every inhaltion because the audience is really committed to the event. As I write this I am less than 24 hours out of the Harry Baker gig and I can confidently say 'we did just that'. Thank you to everyone who bought a ticket and showed up. SoapBox is unfunded and every ticket counts. You made this happen. You continue to make it happen. Thank you and see you next month?