Journal : SoapBox Stage at FolkEast 16 (RH)

SoapBox Stage at FolkEast 16 - Photos by Ric Hardacre

Its been a magical 2016 for us here at SoapBox and we are utterly delighted to be able to share a ton of photos from the the SoapBox Festival stage at FolkEast, with you now. Its a huge project. We start making installations 12 months in advance and our 'site built' (for our stage alone), is as long as the main Festival! Thats how much we transform the whole area. We arrive at GlemHam Hall 10 days before FolkEast starts and begin to landscape the woods and pathways, and position the art. Everything is handmade from recycled materials. So much fun. We hope you enjoy these photos taken by Ric Hardacre. Please do not reuse without request. It's not nice, and you'll just get terrible copies if you screenshot. Email and we will happpily email you a high res version, no charge. Loads and loads of love, Amy SoapBox