Journal : SoapBox Stage at FolkEast 16 (OW)

SoapBox Stage at FolkEast 16 - Photos by Olly Woodman

Yes! More LOVELY photos from the amazing SoapBox team. This time its professional photographer and illustrator Olly Woodman's turn. He has been taking photos of the SoapBox stage every single year, since FolkEast started back in 2012. He is a very talented man and a dear friend. We feel very lucky to work with him. If you see him around at the Festival, (he can generally be found propping up the bar with whiskey in hand) do buy him a drink and give him a hug. We are so incredibly grateful for all the photos he takes for us every year. He volunteers to do this, cos he has a huge heart, and we wouldn't know what to do without him. Thank you Olly. Enjoy the photos. Copyright remains with Olly Woodman. Please do not resuse without permission. Its not very nice and you'll just get terrible images from screenshotting. Email me and I will send over hig res versions.