Journal : SoapBox Stage at FolkEast 16 (BM)

SoapBox Stage at FolkEast 16 - Photos by Bryony Moss

The SoapBox Stage crew are a group of friends and family. All of our partners, husbands/wives, kids, brothers/sisters pitch in and lend a hand to make this happen. Its an amazing feat of collective effort. We were delighted when Bryony (one of our longest crew members) sent us her photos of the  SoapBox stage at FolkEast Festival 2016. This album is a great mix of the kids, the artwork, the build and the takedown, as well as some of Bryony's favourite performers. See the SoapBox from a family point of view and share our delight in the joyous, curious nature of the kids. We work very hard on making our area safe for little ones to run around in and we hope to further develop this next year. Giving them the freedom to play in a safe space is one of my favourite things about the Soapbox stage at FolkEast. We spent days making all the bamboo fence panels in advance, and I am very glad as it was clearly time well spent. Thank you for the beautiful photos Bryony. Love Amy x