Journal : SoapBox at Jimmy's Festival 2017

Photography by OllyWood

SoapBox had a wonderful weekend at Jimmy's Festival 2017 (July 22/23), where we created and built a whole new arts area called WonderWood, deep amongst the trees. We programmed two days of live literature, including the East Anglian Storytelling Festival, with a whole collection of talented local poets; Matt Annis, Dan Clark, Amy SoapBox, Em Bea, Jayd Green, Thom Knave, Jared Tilston and our brave open mic-ers. We also enjoyed workshpops from Matt Annis, whose writing tasks inspired a host of new poems from participants. The area was decorated with handmade art from recycled materials including the SoapBox jellyfish, wonky weaves and poem ladders. It was an utter joy to particpate in this event and craft a creative corner amongst the stunning canopy of the trees. WonderWood was built from scratch on-site the week before, and even involved some landscaping to mark out the space, with the stage being made from a decorated gazebo and shaded spaces from sails hung from branches. Thank you to all involved, all of the Jimmy's Farm team (especially Nic and Ali), every participant, performer, creative team member, artist and, most importantly of all, the audience. Love & Boxes, Amy x