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To participate in FolkEast 2019 August 16/17/18 Glemham Hall (Suffolk, UK), performing on the SoapBox stage in the woods.

Welcome to the SoapBox Festival Stage application form. We are pleased to announce that we are now officially open for applications. SoapBox is an independent producer of original music, and live poetry events, based in East Anglia. From humble beginings as an open mic in Ipswich in 2006, we now curate performances for multiple Festivals every summer, and work closely with the John Peel Centre for Creative Arts (Stowmarket) throughout the year.

SoapBox loves original words, music and performance from the East of England. (Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough) Work that is opinionated, funny, political and thought-provoking. Our stage at FolkEast is described as a 'Festival wthin a Festival', an immersive experience that creates a truly magical and unique woodland realm. We are known for our extraordinary art installations (as pictured), which are all made from recycled materials (including broken tents) that would have otherwise gone to landfill. 

We have a reputation for spotting and supporting new talent in the region, and beyond. This is one of our most favourite things in the world ever. We regularly attend open mics in our local area to find new artists and help them reach bigger audiences. If you are just starting out, please get in touch, as we always book a mix of newcomers, amateurs and professionals on our stage. We have booked hundreds of musicians and poets over the years, and we are very proud to have worked with all of them. (Thank you all).

Here are some you may recognise, with the date we first booked them: Ed Sheeran (2009). Scroobius Pip (2006). Bessie Turner (2011). Lets Eat Grandma (2015). Kate Tempest (2009). Jack Pout (2010). Eliza Shaddad (2012). Salena Godden (2010). Hollie McNish (2015). A.N.G (2018). Luke Wright (2010). Hannah Walker (2009). Tilly Moses (2013). Alden, Patterson & Dashwood (2013). Jess Morgan (2011). Freya Roy (2014). Honey & the Bear (2014). Grace Petrie (2016). Chris T-T (2012)

Please do get comfy and sit down in front of a computer (not a phone) when filling out this form, as you will need to upload an image and answer some unusual questions that may require some prep. You can not save the application part way, so be prepared. Information about the questions are available in the FAQ section. There are actually only four questions, everything else is pretty standard requests for digital and social media. We do require a link to a live video of a performance. This must be live. No music videos or over-produced works please. This is not a test of your technical abilties, nor is it judged by the quality of the recording. In the past a band has sent a video of themselves playing live in their bathroom, recorded on their phone for their application, and they got the gig. 

Applications are open from Monday 14th January until Thursday 28th February and we start booking immediately, so don't delay, sooner is always better. We have about 40 performance slots available on the SoapBox stage over the weekend, and at least one third of them are for poetry and spoken word. We love passionate, political art with a sense of humour, and at least 80% of our line-up is sourced locally.

We dearly love every artist we book and want to know all about you. That does mean we ask some different questions to other Festivals. We work really hard, all year round, to create the SoapBox stage, so we want to work with people who are equally as passionate as we are. We book all of our line-up on the SoapBox stage at FolkEast by open application, so every artist goes through this process in order to be considered. This is a real labour of love for us and we want to share this with artists who feel the same way.

We promise to personally respond to everyone who fills out the application form by 31st March. Please keep in mind that we are a small, independent promoter/producer of arts events, so be patient. We welcome applications from first-time Festival performers, to amateurs and professionals; musicians, bands, songwriters, poets, comedians and storytellers. We love folk, world, roots and acoustic music, work that takes chances, doesn't take itself too seriously and isn't afraid to have an opinion. 

Our annual Festival Stage at FolkEast is a labour of love and we work on it all year round. All of our beautiful decor is handmade from recycled materials and we are completely solar-powered thanks to the SolarDoubleDecker. SoapBox Crew & Artists food is made by our long time friends vegetarian caterers DragonJaks, and we work hard to make SoapBox safe, fun and welcoming for the whole family, especially the kids. (Photography credit of the entrance tunnel by Ric Hardacre, all rights reserved)

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this form and get in touch with us. We can't wait to hear what you do. Please answer the following question to access the application form. 

How long does it take to make the SoapBox stage and woodland?

4 weeks 6 months All year round, but time is an illusion so its pointless trying to measure it