Artist : The Monkey Poet

Monkey Poet is the psuedonym of Matt Panesh whom has performed his unique award-winning brand of Stand-Up Poetry at music festivals like the Big Chill, Bestival & Kuiperfest, comedy clubs including the historic Purple Onion in San Francisco and Second City in Toronto, at burlesque nights happily sandwiched between acts, political rallies & colleges, as well as Poetry nights. The ethos is to Perform anywhere for everyone, as poetry is not just for stuffy gits. He written & performed 2 full length shows, “Stand-Up Monkey Poet!” and “Welcome to the UK!” and won 7 awards, including Best Poet at San Francisco’s Fringe two years running. Likened to performers such as George Carlin, Lenny Bruce and Bill Hicks the poetry is a heady brew of politics, social comment & dick jokes. He wrote and released the album “Welcome to the UK!” mixing live poetry and radio drama with full cast on Debt Records in Apr 2010. He is also available to write commissions, the last being a poem for the film “Down our Way”, which also features him killing Bruce Jones (better known as Les Battersby from Corrie), currently in production by Gritish Films. He also facilitates performance workshops believing that the poetic form is the most accessible art for virtually everyone. And in this capacity has worked with a variety of people ranging from school children to retired crack addicts. These workshops are aimed at building confidence in performing poetry using stage skills.