Artist : Magic Panda

Magic Panda is the brainchild of Norwich-based electronic music producer Jamie Robson. The project came into being in early 2010, when Robson decided he wanted to take his collection of electronic noodlings, 7 years in the making, from out of his studio and onto the stage. Frustrated by the trappings of being a studio producer, it was crucial for him that Magic Panda would become fundamentally a live project; all the music would be reproducable live and live performances would capture the creative spontaneity and energy that drives the music. Through Magic Panda, Robson has strived to capture a sound at once naturalistic and otherworldly, fusing organic sounds with glitchy beats and dirty synths. Throughout 2010/11 he has enjoyed a number of high profile gigs, including SPECTRO support slots with DMX Krew and Mount Kimbie and in August he will be performing alongside Luke Abbott at the Baleapop festival in France. His debut EP, The Glass Mountain was released on Berlin indie label, Maripoza Records in April 2011 and drew praise from the likes of Max Cooper, Matthys, and SwitchSt(d)ance. The Glass Mountain EP also received favourable write-ups in xlr8r, onlyhousemusic, bearded and de:bug magazines. His follow up release, 'Days are numbered EP' will be released on Tigerbeat6 (home of Norwich's Luke's Anger) in August.