Artist : Tristan Burfield

Tristan Burfield has been described by a new band a day as a modern day electro "polymath". His music often incorporates lo-fi elements such as videogames, toys, junk, glitches and noise. An uncomprimising rebel, Tristan's music is a thorn in the side of the local Norwich scene, his sound refuses genre and rejects the lazy and outmoded cliches that his contemporaries seem to adorn with abandon. His Keyboard and Electronic skills have a sense of harmonic musicality often lacking in the electronic scene. Whilst openly rejecting the hi-tech consumer fetishism of his peers Tristan's stubbornly retro approach (which has seen him brandish Gameboy's, Nes Consoles and Commodore 64 sound chips as soundsources) often embraces limitations as a means of creative inspiration. Tristan has played shows throughout the UK, and is becoming a regular staple on the festival circuit (Bring Yourself Fest, Toiletronica, Bristol Ashton Court Festival and “Be sure for the song has no end” festival). His music has recieved airplay on mainstream Radio (Radio 1, XFM, Resonance FM). Recently his projects have been enhanced by the encorporation of visual elements, his music has been used as an accompliament to a silent surrealist film [Blood of a poet], combined with small format film [Shimmies in Super-8] and has been juxtaposed against found manipulated material [Shadow Pictures]. The visual strand of his work has been strengthened via a series of Photographic exhibitions shown in galleries such as Colchester slackspace and Norwich Art Centre. Tristan has a split floppy disc release on Quagga Curios Sounds and has released music via Net labels such as Monkey Love Records, he continues to release music through his own label.