Artist : Fick As Fieves

Fick As Fieves spent the first two years of their career hustlin' and bustlin' the streets of colchester playing show after show trying the build a reputation as an Indie/Ska band. However, due to Uni attachments the band split their separate ways. The writer Harry continued writing for a band he didn't have until he decided to bring the music back home towards his roots and introduce 2 new members he had played music with since a young age, with new influences of reggae and African music to throw into the cauldron now bubbling up with new ideas and concepts of which direction the name of Fick As Fieves should follow. They are now practising with a whole new set preparing to launch for a gig with The Cads, Ideals and James Spankie The band say 'they can not wait' and furthermore 'many thanks to Soapbox for the opportunity to launch themselves back into the scene' Harry concludes 'thank you to everyone that supported the old faf I hope the new style can be enjoyed equally, by the sounds of what going on at the moment, it should be something special.