Artist : Bessie Turner

I play nice songs with nice people and equally nice people seem to like it. It's pretty wicked.

Bessie Turner is a 23 year old singer songwriter from rural Suffolk, England. She likes wine, glitter and weather of all kinds. Her style is an eclectic pastiche of her musical heroes; she is influenced as much by MIA as she is Dusty Springfield. Yet it is her own uniqueness – in both her personality as well as her music - that sets her apart as an artist and performer. Her voice rings with a soulfulness that floats like a cloud; wistful, effortless and above
all charming. In 2016 Bessie moved to a houseboat on the bank of the River Orwell and began collaborating with SuperGlu’s Benjamin Ward (Don’t Try is his own newly established label – this marks its first ever release) to expand upon  her one-woman acoustic sound. Recorded by George Perks (Young Guns, The Subways, Clean Bandit) in amongst the rough wood, antique rugs and analogue equipment of The Crypt Studio, its production is as warm and homely as the space itself. The effect of an environment shaping a performer’s sound.

This is true of her writing process too: she has spent her entire life against the never-changing backdrop of rural Suffolk. The sparse English countryside’s juxtaposition of eerie emptiness and striking beauty is reflected in her pairing of upbeat pop sensibilities with the isolated melancholic lyics. Her distinctive voice, a mix of Beth Gibbons and Emiliana Torrini, drifts softly above the patter patter of electronic drums, picked acoustic guitar and a warm wiring bass-line. The subtleties of the arrangement showcase an effortless flair for melody executed without a single drop of pretence. This is Bessie Turner as she has been her whole life: genuine and heartfelt.

“Simply stunning - Bessie is a rare talent. Her voice is warm and comforting, yet she has an edge and charisma that make her an engaging and captivating performer.” – Richard Haugh, BBC Introducing.


FYI: This is the old Bessie Turner biog from the first time we put her on at one of our gigs. I just can't bear to delete it: Bessie Turner is an 18 year old Ipswich songbird, often likened to Laura Marling and Joanna Newsom. Her quirky, understated performances enchant all audiences with her incredible voice and sweet demeanour.