Artist : The Plimpies

We play all original songs, many of which have folky themes (wolfmen; mermaids) or links to local stories - murder ballads. We are gradually coming to believe in ourselves.

My name is David Scotford. I decided to enter the Mason's Arms songwriting contest in 2010 & asked around for a singer willing to join me. Penny Dawe was this brave person. With 3 weeks to go, we practiced my new song "Frittering" (based on an inscription on a medieval plaque in Ufford church - "Like thee I was sometime, but now am turned to dust...") & to our amazement, we got to the final & ultimately came joint-second overall. This experience cemented us into a band, with Gavin Roberts joining us a little later on. We practice fairly regularly, as we really enjoy this - particularly when "in the zone" & if feels you have merged & are playing as one, rather than separate people.

We get out to open mics, now enjoying these also (me & Penny used to find these daunting) but not as often as we'd wish - each constrained by the realities of our family lives. Gav is our most adroit musician & positively comfortable on the stage, but he has been in bands previously (Aqualung; The Lullabys). The music we perform is all our own. Subjects are in the folky spectrum, such as the infamous Red Barn murder; the hanging of Catherine Foster; the Peasenhall murder; & from America, Lizzie Borden. These are fiercesome subjects, but each is addressed with factual accuracy, zest & wry humour. For example, Maria sings from her shallow grave under the Red Barn: "A year here I've laid, until found with a face once so fair, it caused men to stare / now makes them feel sick with disgust & despair...")   We've never been drawn to consider doing cover songs; we've too many of our own! As an audience member, I much prefer original material. 

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