Artist : The Gillies

The Gillies are Susan Turner and Mark (Gilly) Evans, we are an Acoustic Folk / Americana influenced singer-songwriter duo.

We are Folk /Americana influenced singer-songwriters called The Gillies. Susan Turner (vocals Tenor Guitar) Mark Gilly Evans (guitar, dobro ) originally from Norfolk but now live in SE London. Norfolk still influences our songwriting, the bleak landscapes and the vast grey Norfolk skies, the red lodge cafe and crows, we always seem to be caught somewhere between Norwich and London. Our songs have a lull of sadness in them, lyrics of lost love and tangled relationships.

Susan’s vocal hangs above the intertwining guitars, intricate picking patterns that fall, conflict and harmonise, creating understated melodies that pull you into the songs. We have really worked on how the two guitars work together acoustically as this is a crucial element of the sound that we create, the cold brightness and lonesome feel of Susan’s Harmony tenor guitar, a kind of sadness in the strings contrasting with the dark, sweet-sound of Gilly’s Gibson.
We are in the process of recording a new EP called ‘No Hiding Place’. You can find us playing regularly in and around London, Norfolk and Suffolk.