Artist : Banco

A three piece ragtime blues/folk band that play original songs, with finger-picked guitar and vocal harmonies.

Banco are a three piece original band that are thoroughly inspired by Piedmont blues,early jazz, folk and ragtime. The band members are James Jenkins (Vocals, Guitar), Ian Cook (Bass Guitar, Vocals) and Lauren Jenkins (Percussion - Suitcase and Tambourine, Vocals). Banco had a busy 2018 including The Ipswich May Day at Alexandra Park and also played the Soap Box stage at Folk East. As resident members of Blackthorn Studio they are continually working on recordings in the Studio as well as live video recordings featured on Blackthorn Live.

Banco takes you on a journey through their songs of not only the melodic harmonies and layered finger picking guitar, the catchy bass lines and rustic thump of a suitcase, but also telling a story of a man named Papillon whose brave escapades inspired songwriter James to create much of these beautiful songs.