Artist : Beth Calverley and The Poetry Machine

The Poetry Machine - live typewriter poetry (and spoken word!)

As Chief Operator of The Poetry Machine, I tour festivals and events around the country, speed-crafting beautiful, perceptive poems for people on my manual typewriter. Each poem is based on a warm, intimate conversation with the person and created in five minutes.

Lots of people say receiving their poem is the highlight of their festival experience - the perfect way to capture their favourite memories of the weekend. Often they will cry happy tears when they hear their poem read aloud. Kids love the bubbles, yellow umbrella and whimsical flagpole!

As well as being Chief Operator of The Poetry Machine, Beth performs spoken word poetry across the UK, based on positive themes of mental self-care, resilience and hope. In 2018, she won the Gloucester Regional Roundhouse Slam and went on to compete in the London Roundhouse Final.