Artist : Hot Raisin

Retro infused roots americana, indie, folk, and dreamy melodies, doused in good feeling.

We, Hot Raisin, are a 3-4 piece, East Coast based band who play original retro infused roots Americana style tunes, with a dash of indie/folk for good measure. We love playing music together a believe playing for the soul to be at the heart of what we do. Our founding members, Mary and Tory (myself) have been playing together for over 10 years and we have been lucky enough over the last few years to have some very talented friends join us on our odyssey. We write all of our own songs about a host of different experiences, from missing the sleep boat and the thought spirals that follow, to the adventures of coming out and our attempts to understand the world... Heavy! We like to see the fun and positivity in everything and so try to have that come across in our music, even when tackling the harder stuff. We're a fun loving bunch, we love what we do and thoroughly enjoy sharing the good times if you fancy going us.