Artist : Mythopoeic

Play mainly our own songs with emphasis on harmony. Sometimes we'll folk up a song that has special meaning to us.

Mythopoeic are Katherine and Holly, talented young folk musicians from Cambridge UK who write and arrange their own material, sing in harmony and play a variety of instruments between. After many years of attending Folk Festivals especially Ely Folk Festival, Katherine and Holly decided to get together, write some songs and play the Club Tent open mic session at the 2017 Ely Folk Festival. Two months of early morning practices in the school music rooms paid off as, after playing in the Club Tent, they were invited to open the Main Stage the following evening. They were just twelve years old at the time and probably the youngest act ever to perform on the main stage. Since then they have continued developing as a duo, writing more songs, gigging extensively around the Cambridge area as well as featuring on local radio. One year after their first ever gig Holly and Katherine were invited back to open the Club Tent for the 2018 Ely Folk Festival and are continuing to make a name for themselves on the local and wider folk scenes.