Journal : Woodbridge Ambient Music Festival

Large art installation in the Woodbridge community hall

I was truly delighted, this September, to have contributed to the amazing Woodbridge Ambient Music Festival on their final day. This unique, independent event was a feast for the ears, with lush, deep, resonant sound equipment provided by Re-Production (with technician skills from the fantastic Rob Greenland). 

The music was experimental, hypnotic and profoundly impactful. The artists were not your usual 'man and a guitar'. The size and variety of electronic equipment people used to create their magnificent soundscapes was quite something to behold! I can't say I know much about this side of music, but I am always so very impressed by the dedication and nerd-ery that comes with creating a fringe artform. (Coming from the poetry community myself, I see similarities in obessive nature that results in such quality creations).

A huge, massive thanks to the truly brilliant Jan Pulsford, the woman behind the whole Festival. Her passion, committment and tenacity are extremely admirable. 

Check out this in-depth write-up from Tim on The Festivals to really get a flavour for the awesome performers.