Archive : February Folk Off!


FOLK OFF is back... with a whole new line-up of musicians and bands spanning genres. This is an acoustic event unlike any other in a proper pub with a fantastic atmosphere that celebrates the diversity and talent in local music. Live music and friendly audience shared with new and old friends = Folk Off Please welcome to the stage in order of performance... Ed Parker - A man with a guitar, classic combo And So - Interesting tech things so I hear, ooooh Music By Instinct - A man with a band, or a band comprised of a man? Cielo - A Brazilian freestyle swimmer according to wikipedia String Disco - A strange kindof nightclub Pedalo - Lady folk duet from the hills Also featuring possibly the most random interval music ever courtesy of Amy's MP3 player which is quite often hijacked. Do not be surprised if you get some dubstep alongside some folk.




Pop, Rap, Hip Hop, Funk and Jazz. All tied together with some Latin Grooves & catchy hooks! Cielo are the latest talent to hit Norwich. More >>