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Our second ever SoapBox event that featured a massive line-up of professional performers and keen newbies. It was this event where we first saw the incredible Scroobius Pip and realised quite how magnificent poetry can be. All the artists who are still performing have a link. The list below are the artists that I can not find and may not now be performing. Dave Girth Jared Tilston Joe Smith The Unspeakables Slings & Arrows A Flight To Remember I Hate Dave Danny De Void Roxy It was a brilliant night with the proceeds going towards a mental health charity. An unknown person (whom I love) was kind enough to film some Mr Pip, check it out HERE.



Brendan Ware

Born Brendan Luke Ware (1st April, 1979) in Ipswich, UK, Brendan Ware is the second brother of three. More >>


Alex Carson

Mr Alex Carson is a stalwart of the Norwich music scene. The first time I booked him we was 18 years old and had only been playin for a year or so, yet he was already making a massive impact. More >>


Scroobius Pip

Scroobius Pip is probably best known for his partnership with Dan Le Sac and their killer first single "Thou Shalt Always Kill". More >>