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Our last ever SoapBox in Ipswich before it was reborn in Norwich. This event also has the grand honour of being the only show where we have had to physically remove someone from the stage. Unforgettable. The artist below are those whom I could not fin any current information about. I hope very much they are out there playing and writing away. Get in touch with me if this is you and I will update our records. Joe Smith Jared Tilston I Hate Dave Danny De Void Justin Jones Joe Hunt Dave Girth



Brendan Ware

Born Brendan Luke Ware (1st April, 1979) in Ipswich, UK, Brendan Ware is the second brother of three. More >>


Belinda Gillett

Quite an amazing singer songwriter whose voice still rings in my ears. I haven't seen Belinda for a while but last I heard she was forming a band. More >>