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Our first ever SoapBox in Norwich. Founder Amy Wragg used to work part-time at The Queen Charlotte behind the bar and asked if she could put on a couple of live shows a month. They were given alternate Sundays, a few free drinks, and the rest is history.



Jack Unsworth

Jack is a very talented harmonica and guitar player, once part of blues band Breakfast With the Snake. More >>


Robert Jackman

I met Robert whilst studying at UEA and quickly asked him to come perform. His hilarious, insightful and intelligent literary linguistics were a force to behold. More >>


Anna Percy

Poet, performer and feminist Anna Percy has been reading for SoapBox for years. She studied firstly at UEA and now resides in Manchester after relocating to take an MA. More >>


Susie Ro

A bona fide hippy chick with a proper good voice, love of the guitar and passion for music. An excellent performer who did the first ever acapella set at a SoapBox, getting the audience to clap along. More >>


The Novasouls

Sadly this band are no longer performing but they left a strong impression on me. They wrote proper good indie songs about getting kebabs, going out partying and smoking too many cigarettes. More >>