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Our first all day mini-festival featuring a jam packed line-up of live music, poetry, comedy and original artwork. We decorated the entire pub with masses of fairy lights, bubbles, tablecloths, flowers and candles. Many people pitched in to make this event happen, most notably Al Bulgahria.



Danny Whitehouse

One of our longest serving artists its been a pleasure and a privilege to watch his spectacular talent unfold. More >>


Marcus Keeley

MARCUS KEELEY - I Was Dark and It Was Drunk Marcus Keeley is a stand-up, writer, poet, film-maker and general dissenter. More >>


Alex Carson

Mr Alex Carson is a stalwart of the Norwich music scene. The first time I booked him we was 18 years old and had only been playin for a year or so, yet he was already making a massive impact. More >>


Robert Jackman

I met Robert whilst studying at UEA and quickly asked him to come perform. His hilarious, insightful and intelligent literary linguistics were a force to behold. More >>


Yum Yum

A boy girl blues duo whose spectacular voice and musicianship made a huge impact. I still swear that Lisa's (lead singer) version of The Greatest by Kat Power is better than the original. More >>


Susie Ro

A bona fide hippy chick with a proper good voice, love of the guitar and passion for music. An excellent performer who did the first ever acapella set at a SoapBox, getting the audience to clap along. More >>


The Novasouls

Sadly this band are no longer performing but they left a strong impression on me. They wrote proper good indie songs about getting kebabs, going out partying and smoking too many cigarettes. More >>


Breakfast Of Champions

A trio of skilled musicians playing rock, blues and funk inspired songs. The three gents in question were Big Steve, Stevie B (aka Slightly Offensive Steve) and Jack Unsworth. More >>


Hasikara Smile

A very talented duo of musicians who combine live, pre-recorded and sampled music to create a veritable feast for the ears. More >>


Bad Salad

One of the many exceptional bands to come out of the University of East Anglia. These talented lads have since graduated, broken up and moved around the country. More >>


I Hate Dave

A long serving SoapBox musician whose talents appear to have no limits. He would often play guitar, harmonica, drums and sing, almost all at the same time. More >>


Kerry Leatham

Signed to London based label Tape Club records this young lady is just incredible. Her songs have been played on films (Kidulthood) and international TV shows like Greys Anatomy. More >>