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One of our insane musical marathon sessions that pretty quickly demised into random jam sessions. Great fun as always.



The Future of Music

A troublesome twosome of rawkus, passionate and talented musicians called Will Croft and Daniel Buckland. More >>


Yum Yum

A boy girl blues duo whose spectacular voice and musicianship made a huge impact. I still swear that Lisa's (lead singer) version of The Greatest by Kat Power is better than the original. More >>


Breakfast Of Champions

A trio of skilled musicians playing rock, blues and funk inspired songs. The three gents in question were Big Steve, Stevie B (aka Slightly Offensive Steve) and Jack Unsworth. More >>


Jason Knowles

A brilliantly talented covers artist with a divine voice. We have known Jason personally for many years and I am continuously surprised by how little he realises his own talent. More >>


The Foster Kids

A lovely band of melodramatic pop-meisters. We were actually passed this booking onto us but we were very glad they did. More >>


Kit Bennett

One of my absolutely favourite voices in the entire world ever. I will always remember Kit for her 'octave up' thing she could do with her voice. More >>


Wurpy Quade

A divine duo of ladies playing many instruments, wearing great outfits and singing lush harmonies. Check out this brilliant video - need I say more? More >>


Steven Cork

A proper grunge acoustic rock musician who brought really exciting musical influences to the table. He does not perform solo anymore as far as I am aware, however he is playing music like nobodies business in his brilliant band Starsexplode. More >>