Archive : Amy's Birthday Bash


A little party to celebrate founder of SoapBox Amy Wragg's birthday.



Robert Jackman

I met Robert whilst studying at UEA and quickly asked him to come perform. His hilarious, insightful and intelligent literary linguistics were a force to behold. More >>


Breakfast Of Champions

A trio of skilled musicians playing rock, blues and funk inspired songs. The three gents in question were Big Steve, Stevie B (aka Slightly Offensive Steve) and Jack Unsworth. More >>


Jason Knowles

A brilliantly talented covers artist with a divine voice. We have known Jason personally for many years and I am continuously surprised by how little he realises his own talent. More >>


Bambi Get Over It

One of the best bands that has ever called the East their home. All of the members met at the University of East Anglia and instantly created some brilliant tracks. More >>


Kit Cecconi

A multi-talented musician who has played in many bands and the only man I know who has written a song about Spaced. More >>