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The very first time we asked one of our favorite musician groups to host SoapBox. This was also our first outside event, which, unbeknownst to us, was quite a little unauthorised. These were the days before we had learnt all of the licensing rules and regulations. Ooops! This special event will forever live in my memory as the very first time we had the pleasure of putting on the lovely Sula Mae, one of our most talented performers to have ever graced our stages.



Breakfast Of Champions

A trio of skilled musicians playing rock, blues and funk inspired songs. The three gents in question were Big Steve, Stevie B (aka Slightly Offensive Steve) and Jack Unsworth. More >>


Steven Cork

A proper grunge acoustic rock musician who brought really exciting musical influences to the table. He does not perform solo anymore as far as I am aware, however he is playing music like nobodies business in his brilliant band Starsexplode. More >>


Ben Mills & Anna David

A great guitar and saxophone duo comprised of two talented musicians, they both went on the play in other groups including The Effort. More >>