Archive : SoapBox Mini-Fest


Our very first event at the Norwich Arts Centre, we sold out by 9.30pm it was glorious and so much fun!



Cakes and Ale

“ Beautiful playing, fine tunes, simple inviting evocative words… they’ve a sense of fun, a touch of wickedness… Modern life and folk and timeless traditions and everything good here. More >>


Danny Whitehouse

One of our longest serving artists its been a pleasure and a privilege to watch his spectacular talent unfold. More >>


Robert Jackman

I met Robert whilst studying at UEA and quickly asked him to come perform. His hilarious, insightful and intelligent literary linguistics were a force to behold. More >>


Bambi Get Over It

One of the best bands that has ever called the East their home. All of the members met at the University of East Anglia and instantly created some brilliant tracks. More >>


Gary Hatecrime

No one is really sure if Gary Hatecrime is a real person or a robot sent from the aliens to confuse and disturb us with music and comedy. More >>


The Poetry Choir

An all star elusive spoken word collective. More >>


Hannah Jane Walker

A talented Escalator award winning poet and spoken word performer. More >>