Archive : Downstairs


Our regular fortnightly events in the basement of this cool little venue.



Marcus Keeley

MARCUS KEELEY - I Was Dark and It Was Drunk Marcus Keeley is a stand-up, writer, poet, film-maker and general dissenter. More >>


Yum Yum

A boy girl blues duo whose spectacular voice and musicianship made a huge impact. I still swear that Lisa's (lead singer) version of The Greatest by Kat Power is better than the original. More >>


Stan De Lone

Dean Cooper Elston A.K.A. Stan De Lone was born, raised and not educated in Norwich. His alter ego Stan De Lone being an anagram of his first and last names Dean Elston. More >>


Bert Wardlow

A hilarious young comedian from the University Of East Anglia. More >>


Max Lock

A speedy fingered classical guitarist that plasy well crafted folk/pop songs. More >>


Slowbear The Great

A comedy folk musicians of quite especially funny proportions. Best love for his 'crack whore' song dedicated to his girlfriend. More >>