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To celebrate the launch of our spangly new website we held a big old gig party and everyone was invited, with many thanks to Neo Optic, Richard Brown and Silvestri Studios. We are rather in love with this little beast and wanted to throw a big old gig/party to celebrate with some very VERY important people playing. We have asked (nearly) all of our favourite musicians, poets, comedians and downright wonderful people to come play and help us celebrate this very special day with us. It’s a real landmark moment for us as we have been beavering away on it behind the scenes now for quite a while now. Its been a real labour of love for all involved, from the talented team at Neo Optic who built the mechanics of it all, to the rather splendiferous and gorgeous design work from Richard Brown. We have been furiously adding every event and every artist we have ever booked (over 200 shows, over 150 musicians, poets and comedians) into the website. This means you can see EVERY SINGLE PERSON we have ever had the privilege to put on, all of you lovely artist folks gets a whole page with to yourself. Why? Cos we freakin love you, as we do with every person we ask to perform. All of this info is linked in a very clever way that means you can see just how many times we have put them on too! Woozers!! But, in the interest of theatrics… we have gone and hidden it from you till the official launch on Friday 2nd September!! Cheeky I know eh? If you managed a peek before this point then I doff my cap to you but until the launch you won’t again… tee hee hee. £1 before 7.30pm, £3 / £2 thereafter FREE ENTRY IF YOU HAVE EVER PERFORMED FOR SOAPBOX Please email to book



Lauren Andrews

Born in Essex in 1983, grew up in Suffolk/London/The North and moved to Norwich aged 20. Her first memories of music are watching Thin Lizzy on the Television and dancing round the living room to Paul Simon and George Harrison. More >>


The B Goodes

Fresh from a slot at Latitude this year Ipswich based four piece The B Goodes are a formidable live act. More >>


The Woodland Creatures

meeeep! We are The Woodland Creatures..Lizzy and Christina.. They formed about 2 years ago and are currently living together after studying fine art painting, to create this multi-instrumental female folk-based band. More >>


Danny Whitehouse

One of our longest serving artists its been a pleasure and a privilege to watch his spectacular talent unfold. More >>


Sargasso Trio

Sargasso Trio is the united sound of four songwriters; Emily Siddall, Pete Murdoch, Ben Winn and James Leeds. More >>



With a sound compared to the likes of Duffy and Norah Jones, Gracie has been making huge strides of late, touring America and filming an abstract documentary in California about making it in the music industry which has been selected to showcase at this years Norfolk BBC Film Fest. More >>


Brendan Ware

Born Brendan Luke Ware (1st April, 1979) in Ipswich, UK, Brendan Ware is the second brother of three. More >>


Alex Carson

Mr Alex Carson is a stalwart of the Norwich music scene. The first time I booked him we was 18 years old and had only been playin for a year or so, yet he was already making a massive impact. More >>



EFFORT: Layered, liberated noise with swelling harmonies battling frantic guitar riffs and heart-bursting drums. More >>


The Truth

The Truth are a rock four piece based in Norwich comprised of Daniel Buckland on lead vocals, William Croft on guitar/vocals, Claudia Graham on bass and Graham Meads on drums. More >>