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At Latitude 2012 Scroobius Pip headlined the spoken word tent on a Saturday night to a crowd of, to his surprise, over 4000 festival goers. All of whom stood in silence during each piece and engaged like a good drunk festival crowd should in between. It was this overwhelming show that made Pip decide to end the year on a special spoken word tour. Having toured the globe with either dan le sac for throbbing electronic accompaniment or his Distraction Pieces band for powering impact for the last 5 years it became clear at Latitude that it was time to return to his routes for this one off run and present the crowd that have supported him for so long with a truly unique gig experience. Instead of taking his tour to the theatres and poetry cafes on the UK, Pip decided he wanted to bring poetry to the grotty, sweaty gig venues that he has frequented as a performer and a fan for most of his life. Spoken word doesn’t have to be prim and proper. It doesn’t have to be polite. It doesn’t have to say thank you. With this tour Pip is not touring a watered down version of his live shows. He is touring a completely different beast. A full and engaging 60 minute live show with the intent of taking you on a journey through more than just chin stroking nods. With him he will be bringing the electrifying force of Kate Tempest along with (dependant on the venue/shows) fore father of the modern spoken word scene, polarbear (who is being tempted out of his semi retirement from spoken word just for these shows) and the comedy genius of Brian Gittins (Cemetry Junction, Derek). This tour will coincide with the release of the “No Commercial Breaks – Special Edition”. A much demanded and finally delivered re-release of Pip’s debut record, of which he only made 1000 copies which all sold out many years a go and no sell on eBay for prices ranging from £40 - £130. This re-issue will be presented in beautiful new artwork in the form of a pop up CD case with an extra full live spoken word album recorded at the Royal Albert Hall.



Scroobius Pip

Scroobius Pip is probably best known for his partnership with Dan Le Sac and their killer first single "Thou Shalt Always Kill". More >>


Kate Tempest

Kate Tempest is a writer. She writes rhymes, lyrics, poems, prose and plays. She began at 16, rapping in battles across London, and began performing spoken word at 21. More >>



Polarbear is not a bear at all, but a Brummie, raised on hip-hop and Arthur Scargill, who writes stories and sometimes talks them on stage. More >>