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SoapBox is proud to present... CAKES & ALE A collective of incredible musicians playing a wonderful fusion of contemporary & traditional folk with a dash of ska laden sea shantys. We have had the pleasure of hosting this band several times in the past and they are a firm SoapBox favourite. Be prepared to be blown away. Or I will eat my shoes. Both of them. AARTWORK A brilliant duo of folk musicians who play original celtic, jazzy, folktronica on electric fiddle and guitar. We met them last year online and put them straight on at Folk East, their fantastic, unique (and trancey) music has gotten many a foot tapping and heart a pumping. BESSIE TURNER The Ipswich songbrid with a wicked skill for lyrics. This charming young lady has encaptured many a heart & ear in Ipswich with her wonderful demeanour, beautiful voice and catchy melodies. Her cover of Billy Bragg is pretty damn legendary too. THE GARDEN DEEJAYS This brilliant bunch of deejays, musicians and music lovers from local folk night The Garden, join us for the evening, bringing their vast collection of folk music. These chaps joined us at Folk East last year for the SoapBox stage and we loved every song they played. They know good music and it is a great pleasure to welcome them to the decks at No 16. Brought to you with love from SoapBox



Cakes and Ale

“ Beautiful playing, fine tunes, simple inviting evocative words… they’ve a sense of fun, a touch of wickedness… Modern life and folk and timeless traditions and everything good here. More >>


Bessie Turner

I play nice songs with nice people and equally nice people seem to like it. It's pretty wicked. More >>