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The line-up... Aflighttoremember Alex Carson Brendan Ware Jared Tilston Danny De Void Zaftiglady Ryan Harding Danny Marsh How it happened... In 2006 I returned to Ipswich to work during the summer, after my first year studying for my degree in Norwich at the University of East Anglia. My Dad has had a house here for over 20 years. Like many students I searched for a summer job working behind a bar and ended up at The Drum & Monkey (when it was a thriving music venue). That summer was exceptional in the Ipswich music scene, particulary focused and concentrated around two venues, The Drum & Monkey and The Great White Horse Hotel (both run by the same young music loving Manager) The Drum & Monkey hosted (then unknown) artists like Scroobius Pip, The Pigeon Detectives, The Sunshine Underground and Uprock shows. Loads of bands stayed over and we had several legendary lock-ins and after parties. The lead singer of The Cribs, Ryan Jarmin, was often found propping up the bar. 2006 was the year we had queues around the block, on many occasions! 2006 was also the year I got given my first camera so I offered to take photos at the pub, both when working and in my free time, in exchange for the price of developing the film. (It was a cheap Canon film camera). Being involved in this music venue/pub started my lifelong love affair with live music, spoken word and arts. The first SoapBox event featured live music, poetry and comedy by a mixture of first-timers, amateurs and professionals alike! It was lit by candles, with cabaret seating, a soft red light and a cheerful, friendly atmosphere. Most people took the stage at one point throughout the night and we finished with a jam between 3 of the musicians Brendan Ware, Dave Harmon and Ryan Harding.



Brendan Ware

Born Brendan Luke Ware (1st April, 1979) in Ipswich, UK, Brendan Ware is the second brother of three. More >>


Alex Carson

Mr Alex Carson is a stalwart of the Norwich music scene. The first time I booked him we was 18 years old and had only been playin for a year or so, yet he was already making a massive impact. More >>