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Launch of our monthly spoken word open mic (4th Thursday of the month)

SoapBox is proud to announce our last gig of 2017 - The Poetry Prom - which is also the first gig of a new monthly series of spoken word open mics at The Spread Eagle in Ipswich (Suffolk), on the fourth Thursday of the month. FREE ENTRY.

So how will it work? Each month we will have four 'featured' poets, which means each of them will have a 10-15 minute set each and have their names on the poster. Then we will also be offering 5 minute open mic spots (sign up on the night only please, from 7pm) for anyone who wishes to share their words with us. Rappers, storytellers, poets, comedians - anything loosely described as spoken word. The rules are simple - all artists must perform acapella (no backing tracks or music), and their set must be comprised of words. That's it. Simple right? 

We will also be holding a 'karaoetry' segment in the gig for anyone who might want to have a go, but hasn't got any words with them. Amy SoapBox is putting together a karaoke style book of poetry (with all the words) for you to choose from, available on the night. It will contain a ridiculously broad selection of poetry, from the classics, through to ranty contemporary spoken word, so there'll be something for all tastes and inclinations. Amy started off performing poetry by reading her favourites, took this idea on the road to several Festivals in the summer of 2017 (Maui Waui, Mekonville, Global Rhythm) and it was such a success that we want to make it a regular feature at the new SoapBox open mic. It's a great way to start performing poetry and has inspired Amy onwards to now writing her own stuff. There is something magical about reading your favourite poems out loud and there aren't many other places this can happen. But now there is! Woop! (Credit to Dan Clark for coming up with the name if this segment)

As this is our last gig of 2017 and just before Christmas, we are encouraging everyone to get glammed up. Sequins, top hats and outrageous outfits are what we love. We spend all of summer prancing around in our rainbow coloured, crazy clothes and we don't see why this should be limited to Festival season. By way of incentive, we'll be offering a prize for 'Best Dressed' and will be asking a random member of the audience to make the final decision. Oohhh! The tension! However, here at SoapBox we also passionately believe in everyone's right to do, and wear, what makes them happy. So don't be put off. This is not a mandatory dress code. If jeans and a jumper makes you happy, then come join us. We love you just as you are. Don't change for anyone. No judgement here. You're awesome.

Featured artists for December: Em Bea / Meg Burrows / Leo George / Caroline Kocel  - with your host Amy SoapBox. 

Did we cover everything? No? Well pop Amy and email and she'll answer any questions:

P.s. If you've been to SoapBox before you'll know how we work and we hope it goes without saying, but, just in case, here are the values we subscribe to: No racism, no homophobia, no ableism, no islamophobia, no sexism, no ageism, no transphobia, no kicking down. Also, please do not heckle. We are not 'that' kindof gig. It's bloody hard, and scary to get on the mic and share your art with a room full of people. Poetry is an artform where (often) people share their inner most feelings, so be kind and generous with your applause. Come with your heart and minds open. We love you.

P.p.s SoapBox works very hard to create a friendly, warm and welcoming space for artists and audiences alike. If you have any issues with anything that takes place at our events, and you do not feel that you want (or are able) to approach that person directly, please email We pride ourselves on the special atmosphere we create and want to protect this and make all feel welcome. SoapBox really is a family, and we fight tooth and nail to protect our brothers and sisters and non-binary relations.