Artist : Dan Clark

SoapBox presents in Aldeburgh Saturday 5th November 2016

Dan Clark took his first steps on the Suffolk spoken word scene in 2014, having been inspired by other local poets sharing their thoughts and words at his open mic night, The Whole Shebang. A combination of bravery and blind naivety led him to enter his first poetry slam after just two months performing, winning the first heat and later taking 4th place in the 2015 Hammer & Tongue Regional Finals.


The outsider's outsider, an enigmatic yet accessible artist, Dan's spoken word sets are the logical and organic culmination of a lifetime of wordplay and music-making. You can find a selection of his work at, though after digging through the eclectic array of poems, music and nerdy comedy, you may well be left with more questions than answers!


Drawing on over twenty-five years of UK counterculture, Dan brings a subversive psychedelic surrealism to his poetry, fusing rhymes, humour and prose in a wonderfully wonky word cocktail. Delivered in a uniquely rhythmic, lyrical style with a freeform flow that smudges the lines where poems traditionally begin and end, his anti-establishment scattergun patter will leave you bewildered and exhausted yet intoxicatingly elated. 


We invite you to join Dan Clark on his one-man mission to kick down the barriers between the hippies, punks, geeks, ravers and rappers.