Artist : Thom Knave

Poetical storyteller taking snippets of his days wandering this earth and putting it to verse.

Thom is an artist who focuses heavily on autobiographical work which is influenced by his experiences with the daily struggle of moving in the world with sticks for arms. This has been his main direction in his work as an art photographer, looking at the human body in it's base elements and functions, warts scars and all.... with the scars telling the story. This is what lead to him writing pieces for images, the words and images working together. His poetical work is like a photograph - in that it is a bitesize snippet of life, a moment taken and presented to the world from one view point as a message to be interpreted by the viewer, some serious, some humorous and others left to the listeners discretion. He also has a great love of games and this playfulness rolls in to all his work, particularly when thinking outside the box is required and even when it's not.