Artist : Miniature Universe

A mesmerising combination of violin and hang artfully blended by husband and wife, Blake and Rosie

Miniature Universe is Rosie Toll and Blake Harrison. Their unique sound comes from a seamless blend of hang and violin, which they use to create shifting textural soundscapes, rhythmic and trance like at times with rich melodies emerging and transforming. Their influences are broad ranging and eclectic; from folk traditions, tribal rhythms and early music to psychedelic electronic synthesis. 

Miniature Universe is a gathering and culmination of two musical journeys arriving at a good place. There is an atmosphere of the ancient in the pentatonic sound of the hang and folk like melodies but this is expanded with trance like loops and odd time signatures creating a flowing, changing, rhythmic pool of sound. Vocals merge subtly with the instruments adding harmonies and an extra dimension to the music. 

The pieces are written through a process of improvisation, repeating, refining and tinkering before the final form emerges. There is a real sense of movement both in the writing and in the music. You may have seen them at festivals including Harlequin Fayre or in the green fields of Glastonbury, where there were some magical musical moments on stage at the Healing Fields Music Space. Their first album ‘Miniature Universe’ has been getting a really positive response from listeners.

‘A beautiful, original album twisting and turning in layers of wonderful melody, which tells a story you can make your own’.  S. W