Artist : Sally Army

Original multi-genre songs about Barbie's body hair, cat ladies,karmic chickens,personal space invaders and tea and biscuits.

Original and multi-genre music including Balkan ska, swing, blues, jazz, reggae, ska, bluegrass, pop, Irish, gospel, Latin and Christmas! The songs are lyric driven and upbeat with strong melodies and hooks blending a mix of silly and serious including: Nice Cuppa Tea And A Biscuit-with a biscuit rap; Open The Vodka-a spurned bride turns to drink; Cat Lady-she gave up spying to live alone with her cats; Barbie Doesn't Shave Her Legs No More-she's had enough of Spanx,shaving and Ken; Stuff-a post-modern commentary on shopping,consumerism and hoarding; Weirdo-just who is normal really?; Pervy O'Leery-a dig at gropers, unsolicited kissers and over-innuendo; Invaders Of Personal Space-why do they stand so close? Female lead vocal on rhythm guitar and suitcase bass-drum accompanied by keyboards,clarinet or sax,double-bass and two female backing vocals.We love dressing up,props and audience participation. Biscuits provided.