Artist : The Pookajee Players

A duo playing silly songs on small instruments, we often wear silly hats.

Not quite music, not quite comedy, The Pookajee Players offer a unique blend of silliness. The cornerstone of there act is using all manner of instruments in order to make silly noises for the entertainment of others. 

With influences ranging from the folk-blues of Rev. Gary Davis and Big Bill Broonzy, to the 60s surf of The Shadows and The Ventures; with hints of music hall, tin pan alley and Ted Chippington, you’re never bored when The Pookajee Players are around. 

You’ve not truly heard Elvis Presley’s ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ until you’ve heard it ruined by The Pookajee Players. 

Having cut their teeth on the Suffolk open mic scene, The Pookajees are looking to broaden their fanbase and inflict themselves on even bigger audiences.