Journal : Ipswich Weekender Zine

Free Zine

To celebrate the Spring Ipswich Weekender, I was invited to make a special (fan)zine. Usually my zines are only found in-print, but, for this special event I've found a place to host it online so that more people can enjoy it.

Check out the very first free Ipswich Weekender Zine online >>> HERE <<< on 'Issuu' a free platform to host such publications. No account needed to visit and view the zine. 

All of the photos of the venues/buildings are my own, and the whole zine was made using the 'Blue Peter Method' aka paper, scissors and glue. It ws such a joy to put together. Physical versions went out to venues on Friday, and more are going out Saturday morning to Ancient House.

Huge thanks to Ipswich Borough Council for funding me to make this.