The New York Times

30/09/2012 - SoapBox Founder Amy Wragg had one wild Summer which included a visit to the Edinburgh Fringe for the very first EVER World Fringe Congress. More >>


Rowan James Open Mic

30/09/2012 - Don't forget its our Open Mic night this Thursday at Kai Bar on the Waterfront. Its free entry and everyone who plays get a free drink, cos we love ya. More >>



04/09/2012 - It is with great pleasure I announce the next SoapBox gig, Tuesday 25th September at Kai bar on the Waterfront, as part of University Campus Suffolk Welcome Week. More >>


Folk East Fantastica

29/08/2012 - SoapBox has just crashed landed from the most wonderful three days in a field in Suffolk, running our first festival stage as part of Folk East. More >>


Chris T-T unplugged at SoapBox

29/08/2012 - I have been digging around my hard drive and this is what brilliance I have rediscovered. Chris T-T playing unplugged on the piano at Ipswich Town Hall, as part of Switch Fringe Festival 2012. More >>


Latitude Woozers!

17/07/2012 - Its my third working year at Latitude and this time I was the Artist Liaison in Comedy. I had such a great time. More >>


PlayFest Tally Ho!

01/06/2012 - Its with great pleasure I dragged my tent out for the first time this year only moments ago in preparation for the AWESOME PLAYFEST! Now unless you live under a rock you will know what Im talking about, an amazing local Festival with National bands like Feeder & Ash! Woozers! Its only about half an hour away from Norwich & Ipswich so no excuses. More >>


Olly Woodman Photography

22/05/2012 - Its been a rather spectacular week, what with the Sticks & Stones Tour featuring Scroobius Pip, and the three nights of incredible performances that ensued. More >>