PlayFest Tally Ho!

01/06/2012 - Its with great pleasure I dragged my tent out for the first time this year only moments ago in preparation for the AWESOME PLAYFEST! Now unless you live under a rock you will know what Im talking about, an amazing local Festival with National bands like Feeder & Ash! Woozers! Its only about half an hour away from Norwich & Ipswich so no excuses. More >>


Olly Woodman Photography

22/05/2012 - Its been a rather spectacular week, what with the Sticks & Stones Tour featuring Scroobius Pip, and the three nights of incredible performances that ensued. More >>


Scroobius Pip SOLD OUT

16/05/2012 - Now off to get ready for a massive sell out show at Dragon Hall with the Sticks & Stones tour featuring our very special guest Scroobius Pip. More >>


No Ippy date this time folks!

13/05/2012 - Fraid to say that there won't be an Ippy date on the Sticks & Stones tour this month. But, never fear, if you live in Ipswich then your nearest venue is The John Peel Centre in Stowmarket. More >>


Artwork to die for

17/04/2012 - Its with great pleasure that I reveal our latest poster for the Sticks & Stones tour feat Scroobius Pip at Dragon Hall. More >>


Gravy On Your Face

17/04/2012 - Those lovely ladies (and lad) from Gravy, a Norwich based independent record label, are being featured on the home page of the Association of Independent Music. More >>


Thou Shalt Always Kill

16/04/2012 - Today is the 5 year anniversary of Thou Shalt Always Kill by Scroobius Pip Vs Dan Le Sac so they did a little Ustream session. More >>


Scroobius Pip on the Box

07/04/2012 - It gives me great pleasure to announce that the incredible Scroobius Pip, the SoapBox poet laureate, will be a featured guest on the Norwich leg of the Sticks & Stones tour, on Wednesday 16th May at Dragon Hall, with a rare spoken word set, ahead of his debut PlayFest appearance with the full band. More >>


A Rather Radical SoapBox

20/03/2012 - Its with great pleasure that I announce SoapBox has partnered up with one of Ipswich's finest promoters, Radical Lounge, for an awesome event this Saturday at Kai Bar. More >>