Bad Salad

One of the many exceptional bands to come out of the University of East Anglia. These talented lads have since graduated, broken up and moved around the country. More >>


Bambi Get Over It

One of the best bands that has ever called the East their home. All of the members met at the University of East Anglia and instantly created some brilliant tracks. More >>



A three piece ragtime blues/folk band that play original songs, with finger-picked guitar and vocal harmonies. More >>


Band Of Fools

Seven piece hearty party festival band, offering original compositions in the gypsy klezmer folk style. Guaranteed to get you smiling and dancing! More >>



Spoken word performer full of positive messages and motivation quotes. More >>



Carl Best aka Beeba is a Suffolk based musician, producer, singer songwriter and freelance artist. Working under the banner of Beeba, Carl specialises in music production, beat production, sound engineering and song writing with many years experience in these creative fields. More >>


Belinda Gillett

Quite an amazing singer songwriter whose voice still rings in my ears. I haven't seen Belinda for a while but last I heard she was forming a band. More >>


Belinda Gillett

I write and perform folk music. Songs that clear the cluttered thoughts from my head. More >>


Ben C Winn & The Panache

Poetry, comedy and songs from a unique wordsmith More >>


Ben Mills & Anna David

A great guitar and saxophone duo comprised of two talented musicians, they both went on the play in other groups including The Effort. More >>


Bert Wardlow

A hilarious young comedian from the University Of East Anglia. More >>


Bessie Turner

I play nice songs with nice people and equally nice people seem to like it. It's pretty wicked. More >>


Beth Calverley and The Poetry Machine

The Poetry Machine - live typewriter poetry (and spoken word!) More >>


Beth Carpenter

Norwich based solo singer songwriter with silky strong vocals and tender songs that’ll knock you out. More >>


Bex and Freda

Bex writes quirky random songs about life, love, cider and idiots, and plays them on two ukuleles (one named Freda), accompanied by Jim on cajon and other percussion. More >>


Blanche Ellis

An extremely talented solo singer songwriter whose plays beautiful folk music accompanied by her gorgeous voice. More >>


Born With A Tail

Born With A Tail are a brilliant acoustic punk folk outfit based in Norwich. Chris - Guitar, tenor banjo, most of the vocals Will - Double Bass, most of the rest of the vocals Jim - Lap steel (slide guitar), mandolin, some of what's left of the vocals Tris - Drums and percussion, any remaining vocals. More >>


Bowen Brothers

Bowen Brothers aim to combine the best of contemporary British folk and acoustic music with the fun and familiarity drawn from a wide range of pop and rock influences. More >>


Breakfast Of Champions

A trio of skilled musicians playing rock, blues and funk inspired songs. The three gents in question were Big Steve, Stevie B (aka Slightly Offensive Steve) and Jack Unsworth. More >>


Brendan Ware

Born Brendan Luke Ware (1st April, 1979) in Ipswich, UK, Brendan Ware is the second brother of three. More >>



Brideburger is a shoegaze experimental music project with loads of psychedelic drone noise by Matt Catling from Ipswich, Suffolk UK, formed in 2008. More >>


British Rock Soul Pioneers

A short lived reincarnation of The Future Of Music as a full band. All four of them are wicked rock soul musicians whose passionate delivery and catchy tunes quickly cemented their place in the local scene. More >>



careful layering, slow dynamics - drones and found sound in minimal pop structures. More >>