Jack Pout

Folk/Blues influenced, long legged songwriter with ragtime inspired acoustic fingerpicking. More >>


Jack Ramm

One of the most spectacular deep and brooding voices I have ever heard. We have only booked this young man once as a solo performer and I wish very much for him to play again. More >>


Jack Unsworth

Jack is a very talented harmonica and guitar player, once part of blues band Breakfast With the Snake. More >>


Jackknife Horsebox

Indie, Country, Punk "...Jackknife Horsebox, consisting of jangling guitars, beautiful harmonies, the warm plucking of a ukulele and swinging trumpet top-notes. More >>


James Spankie

James is a multi-instrumentalist singer, writer and producer who plays everything on record himself, similar to artists such as Tom Vek and Beck. More >>


Jason Hall

Funky Folk to get your feet tapping and remember you're alive and free! More >>


Jason Knowles

A brilliantly talented covers artist with a divine voice. We have known Jason personally for many years and I am continuously surprised by how little he realises his own talent. More >>


Jayd Green

A poet that explores relationships through the theme of nature, with the occasional nervous joke. More >>


Jess Kemp

Small town wannabe-wordsmith spilling words on life’s mundanities. Caught the poeting bug working with R1Xtra and The Roundhouse in 2015. More >>


Jim 'The Legend' Thomson

Guitar and ukulele player Jim first came into the SoapBox fold as a performer. Soon after his brilliant technical skills and huge personality ensured his long-term involvement. More >>


Jo Carley & The Old Dry Skulls

Throwing bluegrass, ska, country and punk into a backwoods still to make musical moonshine. Come shake your bones in appreciation. More >>


Joe G

Joe’s first album, Landscape, deals with themes of friendship, love and politics. More >>


John Hudson

A wandering comedic minstrel who just happened to grace our stage at an open mic night and proceeded to make us all laugh hysterically for an unspecified amount of time. More >>


John Simpson Wedge

John Simpson Wedge is Norwich’s answer to Dr. Seuss. Exactly what that means he isn’t sure, but he likes the moniker so he’s sticking to it. More >>


Jon Christophers

Jon Christophers takes his passion for music to a whole new level with the release of his first EP ‘The Leeders Farm Sessions’ later this year. More >>


Jude Simpson

Stand-up poet, writer and entertainer Jude Simpson has performed on radio, and at festivals and events across the UK, including BBC Radio 4’s “Saturday Live” programme. More >>



Juffage is Jeff T. Smith, a solo sound artist and multi-instrumentalist from Leeds, via Chicago, Illinois. More >>