Tabernacle Dusk

Lee and Starbuck are Tabernacle Dusk. Intricate, delicate, and delicious folk-esque original music with vocal harmonies and acoustic guitars. More >>


Tasha Robertson

Indie-folk songstress, delicate yet playful More >>


Tess Gardener

SoapBox presents in Aldeburgh Saturday 5th November 2016 More >>


The Actor & The Peach

An Acoustic duo made up of Christian who is a talented Actor & Singer, an all round performer, and James who is a multi talented musician. More >>


The Barlights

The Barlights are the kind of people who when faced with a problem, hide behind a hedge and hope that Chase can take it on his own. More >>


The Bloomfield Family Band

We are a band consisting of a grandfather, father and son (and some friends). More >>


The Cads

Since forming in 2009, The Cads have played Latitude festival, toured Europe with Darwin Deez after being personally asked by the man himself, and established a big fan base in Germany following several tours and festival appearances. More >>


The Decibel Kid

The Decibel Kid is an Ipswich based audiovisual craftsman,inspired by both the pulsing movement of the dance music which he DJs and the experimental sounds of labels such as Warp Records, which he listens to in the bath. More >>


The Foster Kids

A lovely band of melodramatic pop-meisters. We were actually passed this booking onto us but we were very glad they did. More >>


The Gillies

The Gillies are Susan Turner and Mark (Gilly) Evans, we are an Acoustic Folk / Americana influenced singer-songwriter duo. More >>


The Henry Brothers

Known for their excellent renditions of murder ballads passed on down through generations with a steel guitar, double bass and incredible close harmonies. More >>


The Kabeedies

A suspicious gathering of some boys and a girl. Shit Pop Music Members Roary - Microphone/Bass Fab - Drums Katie - Microphone Evan - Microphone/Guitar Manager - Craig Hill, tiltingcraig@gmail. More >>


The King Driscolls

Horny-handed sons of toil with rousing ballads and bawdy foot stompers More >>


The Middle Ones

A duo of lovely ladies playing cool low-fi tunes on the guitar and assorted instruments. More >>


The Monkey Poet

Monkey Poet is the psuedonym of Matt Panesh whom has performed his unique award-winning brand of Stand-Up Poetry at music festivals like the Big Chill, Bestival & Kuiperfest, comedy clubs including the historic Purple Onion in San Francisco and Second City in Toronto, at burlesque nights happily sandwiched between acts, political rallies & colleges, as well as Poetry nights. More >>


The Novasouls

Sadly this band are no longer performing but they left a strong impression on me. They wrote proper good indie songs about getting kebabs, going out partying and smoking too many cigarettes. More >>


The Pancakes

I do the best I can More >>


The Pancakes

Original songs with some harmonies. More >>


The Plimpies

We play all original songs, many of which have folky themes (wolfmen; mermaids) or links to local stories - murder ballads. We are gradually coming to believe in ourselves. More >>


The Poetry Choir

An all star elusive spoken word collective. More >>


The Pookajee Players

A duo playing silly songs on small instruments, we often wear silly hats. More >>


The Stookey Trio

Traditional folk and ceilidh tunes: English, Irish, Scottish. Lively, fun and upbeat tunes with a few airs and waltzes. More >>


The Tom Conway Trio

An acoustic Folk/Jazz trio. More >>


The Truth

The Truth are a rock four piece based in Norwich comprised of Daniel Buckland on lead vocals, William Croft on guitar/vocals, Claudia Graham on bass and Graham Meads on drums. More >>


The Waxing Captors

British power-pop quintet The Waxing Captors have garnered an excellent live reputation – with each sweat-ridden set finding that precious balance between a professional rock ‘n’ roll performance and shambollic rapture. More >>


The Woodland Creatures

meeeep! We are The Woodland Creatures..Lizzy and Christina.. They formed about 2 years ago and are currently living together after studying fine art painting, to create this multi-instrumental female folk-based band. More >>


Thom Knave

Poetical storyteller taking snippets of his days wandering this earth and putting it to verse. More >>


Thomas Swarman

Folk-hop-tronica More >>


Tilly Dalglish & Sam McKie

18 year old singer/songwriter and mandolin player, writing songs from her own experience on issues she is passionate about. Accompanied by Sam McKie, guitarist and songwriter. More >>


Tilly Moses Band

A small but quite loud human who writes songs about love, heartbreak, environmentalism, politics, feminism, fens, and fighting ableism. More >>


Tim Clare

im Clare is a poet, author and musician. He was born in 1981, and grew up in Portishead, in South-West England. More >>


Tim Wells

TIM WELLS has cultivated a laugh that’s more like a caress. He walks properly. He does not slouch, shuffle or stumble about. More >>


Tom Butterworth

Tom is an actor, writer, puppeteer and all-round performing idiot. Despite spending too much time on Facebook his theatre company, Rapid Gambit, made their debut at the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe to moderate acclaim with the surreal and silly comedy, Faileontology. More >>


Trés Pantalon

Horn-led instrumental music full of ear tickling melodies and strange timings. More >>


Tristan Burfield

Tristan Burfield has been described by a new band a day as a modern day electro "polymath". His music often incorporates lo-fi elements such as videogames, toys, junk, glitches and noise. More >>


Tristan McKelvey

Tristan Mckelvey is a singer/songwiter based in London yet originally hails from the City of Norwich. More >>