We are Ralph a new up and coming indie punk band from norwich east anglia. We've been together for over 3 years and have enjoyed playing together. More >>


Ray Brower

A wicked rock band, sadly now finished. Do check out the lead singer Jay's new musical endeavors in the shape of Death Of Death Of Discotechque. More >>



One woman and her gretsch. I write songs mostly about things that make me angry, and sometimes about things that I think should make other people angry too. More >>


Richard Swift

One of the most talented guitarists I have had the pleasure of working with. He writes fantastic folk songs and finger picks at the speed of light. More >>


Robert Jackman

I met Robert whilst studying at UEA and quickly asked him to come perform. His hilarious, insightful and intelligent literary linguistics were a force to behold. More >>


Rory Hill

Many of you will know rory as the bass player/vocalist in the Kabeedies and despite being part of one of the most successful bands to emerge from our region in the past few years Rory still finds time to write his own songs and play solo. More >>


Rosie Hiskey

My name is Rosie Hiskey and i am a young singer song writer. More >>


Rowan James

Oft called the 'Indiana Jones of Poetry' this punk and hip hop inspired poet holds the great honour of being the first unofficial Ipswich Poet Laureate. More >>