Hannah Rebekah

Acoustic indie folk singer-songwriter More >>


Hasikara Smile

A very talented duo of musicians who combine live, pre-recorded and sampled music to create a veritable feast for the ears. More >>


Hazel Thomas

Writer, Producer, Intersectional Feminist and Social Justice Activist. Author of 'Love & Loss: Collected Poems' available via Amazon. More >>


Heart of a Dog

Heart of a Dog is an alternative – lo-fi – folk collaboration between Samuel Leonard Keith Leonard (Ninoskika) and Jonathan Allen (Ray Brower). More >>


Holly & The Doll

Holly Barker is a Suffolk-based singer/songwriter whose acoustic folk melodies are reminiscent of the Villagers, Bright Eyes and Elliott Smith. More >>


Horse Party

Horse Party formed when Shannon (drums) and Seymour (guitar/vocals) got drunk together in a church and sent Ellie (guitar/vocals) abusive messages, ordering her to join a band whose primary goal would be to make or lose a million pounds. More >>


Hot Raisin

Retro infused roots americana, indie, folk, and dreamy melodies, doused in good feeling. More >>